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The Financing Is “Done”

Aloha Specializes In Providing Solutions That Are Fast, Effective And Outside “The Proverbial Box”

Aloha’s job is to listen to and understand the customer’s needs and then, find a solution that fulfills the client’s objective.

Business loans and M&A applications are guided by a mix of careful decision-making and creative approaches to the complex financial needs of our clients—primarily lower market corporations operating within the Americas.

Although Aloha’s solutions are handcrafted, they’re supported by proven global platforms. Our focus is to execute transactions to meet diverse needs including acquisition and divestitures, strategic capital raising, risk management, capital structure optimization, maintaining liquidity and securing financial flexibility.

Accessible Business Capital

Improving the performance of a business doesn’t happen by accident. Between procedural operations and financial infrastructure, there are multiple moving parts associated with any measurable business profit outcome. Aloha’s Consulting services rely on a truly custom, collaborative approach that takes a holistic view of your business objective to pinpoint the processes, programs, and the extent of capitalization required.

Not only is every client different, but so is every situation. Aloha never makes assumptions or tries to force a solution into place because “it worked before.” Instead, we work closely with our clients to offer insight and advice that helps solve their challenges as directly and powerfully as possible.


Proven solutions

Upon the evaluation of a business, a strategy is presented to Management that is best suited to restructure existing and future business obligations.

Our debt strategies are designed as a straightforward business solution that works and realizes corporate objectives.

Debt reduction is just one element of a successful solution.  We don’t only consult against debt for our clients, we make suggestions on how to grow their businesses and reach new levels of success through. We aim to bring all the resources needed to reach assignments and client goals.

Financial Engineering

Corporate leadership wants to see “bottom-line” numbers – which represent the best options and when options change, agility and accuracy are there to help.   

Financial Engineering defines quantum metrics, which provide bottom-line options for secured decision making – in minutes, not weeks or months.

Spreadsheet management becomes a thing of the past.

Financial Engineering is the practice of helping organizations to improve their financial performance through cashflow-best practices.

This is one of the reasons why it is possible that a quantum option model can be more accurate than a classical one.

Equity, Debt, Mezz

 We evaluate your business objectives to determine a strategy best suited to restructure and reduce your business debt and personal guarantees.

Our debt consolidation strategies are designed to maximize growth in a straightforward business strategy that works and re-structures debt.

Debt reduction is just one element of a successful relationship.  We consult our clients on how to grow their businesses and reach new levels of success. We aim to tap all the resources needed to reach goals. 




The Spirit Of Done

It is rare that a new idea and a new innovation for small, medium and large size corporations whose sole purpose is to legitimately and meaningfully improve corporate profits comes before our eyes.

By its very structure and function, the premise of the Aloha Solution exists outside the proverbial and conventional “Box”.

Aloha is poised to undertake capital raise projects, for whom most are filled with challenges and intricacies, yet whose success is based on dreams and vision.

Please contact our offices for a sample proposal from $1.0 MM USD up to $250.0+ MM USD.  

Embracing Tomorrow

Aloha guides companies to develop a market-based information memorandum, which represents the business model and financial condition accurately.  The memorandum is used to circulate the listing of the opportunity to the capital markets.

Benefits of a professionally crafted information memorandum include:

  1. The ability to provide enough specific details about your business to attract attention, interest, and participation.
  2. To avoid misrepresentations that could derail transactions after investing time and effort.
  3. Taking market and trend factors into account; which casts a business listing positively within the overall market.

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